AO/DO Info

Area Officer Candidate Test & Interviews will take place at Grand Saline High School on January 4, 2020. Candidate interview order is listed below. Please make arrangements to test prior to or after your interview based on the assigned interview time. Contact your district president for information related to District Officer Testing and Interview Schedules.

Area Officer Interview Order:

9:00 Charleston Smith

9:10 Karlie Lowe

9:20 Meagan Reiter

9:30 Chesney Jones

9:40 Jeremiah Steph

9:50 Brooke Barrett

10:00 Kace Murphy

10:10 Cody Ellsion

10:20 Jade Spencer

10:30 Savannah Allen

10:40 Jocelyn Helterbrand

10:50 Reed Thorn

11:00 Lannie Farris

11:10 Clay Holliday

11:20 Rosser Fannin

11:30 BreAnna Croley

11:40 Mattie Craig

11:50 Gabe Purviance

12:00 Daja Boyd

12:10 Jacee Pinson

12:20 Avery Hall

12:30 Lexie Wilson

12:40 Dalton McKee

12:50 Breanna Chavez

1:00 Rut Jose

AO/DO Important Files

Please note: The AO Application form is not a Google Doc with sharing permissions. To edit the file, download and save to your computer and open in Word.

Area Leadership Camp Information Files