LDE Events

Rules & Contest Information found at Texas FFA -- https://www.texasffa.org/lde

Texas FFA LDE Updates:

  • The Texas FFA webpage for Chapter Conducting has been updated with a few items/resources: https://texasffa.org/lde-chapter-conducting. If you could please share this information with your area's teachers, that would be greatly appreciated.

  • A quick summary of the updates listed on the webpage:

    • Agrilife and Texas A&M have provided a single, free download of Gray's Parliamentary Guide.

    • Postpone Definitely Clarifications/Resources

      • If a motion is postponed to your next regular meeting, that motion is going to be brought back by the chair during Unfinished Business

      • A resource document (courtesy of Chase Carroll) has been posted on the website to be used as an optional aide for teachers. This is just a helpful tool and does not supersede Gray's Guide.

      • Thanks to SHSU (and Dr. Pavelock) for providing a few examples of the motion written in a problem, which is posted on the website for teachers to use as a resource and training tool.

    • Additionally, SHSU will only use the motion to postpone until the next regular meeting and not include amendments for this current year to alleviate concerns or issues with making provisions for an additional meeting.

  • Due to some formatting issues on the Leadership and District Officer Candidate Study Guides, these have been updated. These have been corrected and posted to the website as well.

Important Information for Area Qualifying LDE Teams

  • According to area policy, when a district doesn't fill their allotted 3 spots for the Area qualifying event, the fourth place team from the district with the highest entries in that event gets moved to compete. We don't know exactly what that will look like until the conclusion of all of the District LDE events. If you were a fourth place team, please be on standby for a possible opportunity to compete.

  • Area Contest will be held on November 16 at TSTC in Marshall.

  • Register online at JudgingCard.com as soon as you know that you have qualified for the Area LDE event. Student names can be changed between District and Area events and up to the day of the contest in JudgingCard. You must be registered in order to compete.

  • Your school must check in at least 30 minutes prior to your first event. Regardless of your afternoon time slot, all schools must be checked-in by 12:00 p.m

  • For Quiz: Jr and Sr teams from the same chapter do not have to enter at the same time, but both teams must be in the room, before any team members may leave.

    • Quiz will be available at 8:30. All Quizzes teams must arrive by 12:00 and begin the quiz by 2:00.

    • Quiz participants need to answer T/F on the top 50 of the scantron and M/C questions on the bottom 50. Participants need to bring their own FBM (brown) scantron. Team ID errors will not be fixed the day of the event. Please double check scantrons before the students compete.

  • All Creed and Radio teams need to report to the judging room between 10:00 and 2:00. Judging will be done in the order that contestants arrive.

  • Bring 3 copies of Ag Issues & Job Interview paperwork to submit at check-in.

  • Bring a new copy of Radio statement to submit at check-in.

  • District and Area Roster balances must have a ZERO balance in order to compete in Area LDE contest. Please double check your roster account for any missing late fee or administrative fee

  • Eligibility Form: Copy and complete this form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13taZ-lSLjIfOrX4qGJpcq9EuJC-nOIQ_up9eJnSYOt4/copy You must complete, print, and sign the form and bring it with you to check-in. Schools that do not submit a form will not be eligible to compete in the Area event. Do not report to a contest room until you have checked in and submitted this form.