Degree Check

Area Scholarship Timeline -- 2019-2020

  • April 6 - required pre-check/deadline for applicants to be registered on judgingcard - Gilmer 5:30pm
  • April 23 - applications due in Gilmer by 8:30am - scoring date
  • May 4 - deadline for all advancing applications to be returned to Grand Saline or Gilmer.

Area 6 FFA Degree Check Information

At District Check -

    • See Policy 7.1 & 7.2
    • Record books must accompany Lone Stars, Americans, Stars, and Proficiency Applications
    • It is at the Districts' discretion to determine the number of copies needed for Stars. It may not be necessary to print 4 sets.
    • Honorary Lone Star Degrees (Teacher and Non-teacher) Hon award applications We have not seen our allotments, but will have several.
    • VATAT Awards must be selected - VATAT Awards Please don't nominate someone until they have seen the application!!

According to Area 6 Policy Manual:

7.1 Advisor Responsibilities

  1. All award candidates will be submitted online to prior to District Degree Check.
  2. All applications will be checked at the district degree check. If applications do not arrive at, and qualify from, district check then they will forfeit advancement to the Area Degree Check.
  3. Every advisor that has an application at degree check must be there to actively participate on a degree check committee. This includes Lone Star FFA degrees. Pre-check does not exempt a teacher from that responsibility.

7.2 Submission Requirements

  1. All applications approved and winners declared at the District Degree Check will be advanced on to the Area Degree Check by the District President.
  2. All applications submitted to Area Degree Check should be complete.
  3. All applications submitted to Area Degree Check must include the applicable rubric. Rubrics will not be provided.
  4. Area Star Award candidates must submit 4 copies of the Star Battery, Application and applicable Rubric at the Area VI LSF pre-check. Star Rubrics
  5. Proficiency Awards submitted to Area Degree Check must be complete, and receive a minimum score of 80, when critiqued with applicable rubric, to advance to State Degree Check. Proficiency applications that are single entries or are 1st place in a category that didn’t meet the 80 point threshold will be reviewed by an appointed committee for consideration for advancement. If the committee deems the application can move forward with corrections, it will advance to state. Proficiency Rubrics

2019 Area Speaking Results here