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  • ACT Super Scores are still not accepted. Texas FFA will ask the donors their thought, but as of now applicants will still use only the ACT Composite Score. SAT scores are also still acceptable.

  • There will be a new set of questions in the question bank. It was discussed that many of the questions are already answered in the introduction and were not needed. If you have any suggestions for possible new questions, please share those with me or Tracy Dicken by August 5th.

  • Texas FFA will require scholarship applications sooner, so our area date will possibly be a little earlier.

  • Date to be determined.

  • Areas were encouraged to check all parts of application more closely, especially uploads. Screen shots are not acceptable for FAFSA, ACT/SAT Scores, Transcripts etc... Also, the student's first and last name have to be visible on the upload. Some names could not be found on uploads.

  • It was discussed that certain sections on the application have limitations for activities listed to possibly one page instead of being endless as to the number allowed.

  • Texas FFA Scholarship Policy will be reviewed for updates, but no major changes were suggested.

  • It was brought up that scholarship numbers have not changed in years and a committee was formed to look into the details of securing more scholarships.

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